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We've been designing monsters, masks, props, and other things for haunted attractions and theatre for years. Check out samples of our previous work below. 

While these items aren't for sale, if you like something, head over to our commissions page to inquire further!

Creepy clown in a purple hat and coat


  • Full character design

  • Vest and coat built and distressed

  • Shirt, pants, and staff purchased

  • Hat purchased and modified

Creepy clown in orange and green sailor dress


  • Full character design

  • Dress built and distressed

  • Accessories purchased

Creepy clown wear red and black


  • Full character design

  • All pieces purchased and distressed

3 creepy clowns

"Splatter, Nom Nom, Scratch"

  • Full character designs

  • Combination build/purchased and distressed

Humanoid possum


  • Full character design

  • Gloves, costume, and necklace built and distressed

  • Mask purchased

Ice Witch with staff

"Ice Witch"

  • Full character design

  • Full costume build

  • Staff built, includes electronics

Ice King with large shoulder armor and fur

"Ice King"

  • Full character design

  • Full costume build

Mask with a wood grain effect

"Cult Mask"

  • Mask designed and built

  • EVA Foam
Mask with horns and feathers

"Wraith Mask"

  • Mask designed and built

  • EVA Foam
  • Feathers
Ice cream waffle cone hat

"Cone Hat"

  • Design and build

  • EVA Foam
  • Plastic Sprinkles
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